Auto-correct at the linux terminal

I came across this nugget some time back, which is helpful for people like me who type faster than their small brains can keep up with.

The long and short of it is, there’s a shell option that you can enable that automatically does some magic behind the scenes so that this can happen:

Just drop the below into your bashrc or run it in a live terminal to try it out. 

shopt -s cdspell

Me likey.

Realtek PXE boot over LAN - super simple using Serva

Wow, this is actually pretty cool.

As part of a side project I’ve been working on to set up a home server as a network host, I needed to get the server installation on the box but I tragically didn’t have a large enough USB drive lying around I could boot the install image from. I imagined that setting up a network boot would be a major PITA but as it turns out it’s actually really simple thanks to a tool called serva, which you can grab here. This app seems to have a lot of interesting features, and I only stumbled across it thanks to a quick and informative post by , that I came across here.

His detailed post, summarized, in case I’m not making the simplicity of this clear:

  1. Get serva program (5 seconds?)
  2. Share a few folders on your network with (5 or 6 minutes, maybe? I save all these drivers so I didn’t have to track them down. YMMV)
    • target computers network drivers
    • extracted installation media
  3. Configure serva (at most, 2 minutes)
    • tick a few checkboxes and point to the shared folders
  4. Boot your target computer with PXE enabled
  5. Profit/Win!

Now, while I was and still am super-excited about how simple the setup was, I’m going to consider building some kind of one-click app host for this kind of thing. Look for more on that in the future.